The miniature battery that powers your watch should last the specified time detailed in the battery chart. However, because the battery is inserted at the factory, the actual life of the battery that is in a new watch may be less than the specified period.

When the battery runs out don't worry, take the watch to a local jeweller, or you can visit the customer services section for the details of the Lorus agent in your country. Contact them by phone, fax or e-mail and they will be able to advise you.

When the battery runs out don't just leave it in the watch - get it changed straight away, just in case it leaks and causes damage to your watch. Excessive use of functions such as light, alarm and chronograph will shorten the life of the battery.

One thing to remember - if your watch is water resistant check out the information on this site, then you need to make sure the case back gaskets are replaced correctly before you get the watch wet again. 10 BAR or 20 BAR watches should always be pressure and water resistance tested after changing the battery.

To check the battery life of your watch, look at the case back and read off the first 4 letters and numbers before the hyphen i.e. W140 ?0156, now find W140 (this code is called the calibre number) in the list below and you will find the information.

  V041 SR726W 2 Years
  V071 SR927W 3 Years
  V072 SR927W 3 Years
  V33F SR916SW 3 Years
  V401 SR521SW 2 Years
  V421 SR726W 2 Years
  V500 SR626SW 4 Years
  V501(HK) SR626SW 2 Years
  V501(JPN) SR626SW 4 Years
  V506 SR626SW 2 Years
  V507 SR626SW 1.5 Years
  V511 SR626SW 2 Years
  V515 SR626SW 4 Years
  V52H SR927W 2 Years
  V532 SR927SW 3 Years
  V533 SR927SW 3 Years
  V535 SR927SW 3 Years
  V53L SR927SW 3 Years
  V654 SR920SW 2 Years
  V657 SR920SW 2 Years
  V671 SR920W 2 Years
  V700 SR616S 3 Years
  V701 SR621SW 2 Years
  V732 SR920SW 5 Years
  V733 SR920SW 5 Years
  V739 SR920SW 5 Years
  V743 SR920SW 5 Years
  V744 SR920SW 5 Years
  V782 SR621SW 3 Years
  V810 SR527SW 2 Years
  V811 SR527SW 2 Years
  V821 SR626SW 3 Years
  V824 SR626SW 2 Years
  V827 SR626SW 2 Years
  V829 SR626SW 3 Years
  W100 CR2025 Lithium 2.5 Years
  W110 CR2025 Lithium 5 Years
  W120 CR2025 Lithium 8 Years
  W130 CR2025 Lithium 8 Years
  W140 CR2016 Lithium 7 Years
  W150 CR2025 Lithium 3 Years
  W160 CR2025 Lithium 3 Years
  W190 CR1620 Lithium 3 Years
  W209 SR626SW 2 Years
  W307 CR2016 Lithium 7 Years
  W339 CR2025 Lithium 5 Years
  W620 CR2025 Lithium 2 Years
  W810 CR2025 Lithium 2 Years
  Y121 SR626SW 4 Years
  Y167 SR927SW 1.5 Years
  Y182 SR927W 2 Years
  Y717 CR2025 Lithium 3 Years
  Y718 CR2025 Lithium 3 Years
  Y735 CR2016 Lithium 5 Years
  Y736 CR2016 Lithium 5 Years
  Y737 CR2025 Lithium 3 Years
  Y797 SR621SW 1.5 Years
  Y799 SR626W 2 Years
  Y922 CR2016 Lithium 10 Years
  Y975 SR626W 1.5 Years


NB. V142, V182, V851 are Solar watches and no batteries are required. YT57 is Kinetic