Alba Wacthes offer

Powered by the Y676 movement and loaded with personality, your ALBA automatic will never need a battery or winding to keep it running. As long as it’s strapped to your hand, the motion of your arm will fuel its ticks. And tocks. Forever.

More Power to You

Once fully wound by the movements of your hand, your ALBA Automatic will run from 36 to 40 hours nonstop.

Style Icon

Find expression for your unique sense of style. From vividly bold colours to suave gradation dials. There’s an ALBA automatic for everyone. High on performance and stunning to look at.

Shake Things Up

Who doesn't need a good nudge once in a while? If your ALBA automatic stops running, then give it a little shake and see it spring back into action. Its no-fuss movement ensures that it will, every time you do.

ALBA by Seiko

At the heart of all ALBA watches are movements crafted by Seiko. Today, ALBA watches have come to represent time-tested quality, fashioned for the youth of today.